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Andrea Cutlan is a dedicated Initiate of Light who throughout her journey has discovered many long forgotten secrets that once translated unveiled to her the path of light in which she shares in the form of Light Keys and Navigation Reports for those equally dedicated to Ascension.

A transformation guide in service for those who have received the Clarion Call to Align to the All and begin the process of deprogramming the ego casing we developed to “cope” in the world we once created and shares the Light Keys that reprograms the vessel, opening up all “systems” to receive the codes that enable each to walk the path of the Initiate until you too are able to not only hear but translate and experience the wonder of existing here on Earth as a living breathing Soul, fully rooted in the physical so that you too can begin creating not only the field you wish to exist in and experience but the New World you have been dreaming about.

It exists

Andrea has taken a journey so deep and made it her mission to understand the programming we have held since time began, she has taken expeditions on the astral field to retrieve the light gems of wisdom that show her the patterns of existence, the how’s, the why’s and through this began to unpick how “this all works”.
With these abilities to translate and travel Andrea has always known her purpose and in 2014 opened the Facebook page A Gift from Gaia, which has shown to be a detailed example of the awakening process, much like the Transition Book she encourages those she guides to write, and if we choose we can view the phases she moved through as her awareness expanded and the unconscious visibly becomes conscious

In order to understand the process of Ascension Andrea has experienced some incredibly dark corners of life, a standard path for a KeyHolder due to the fact that there is always purpose in everything they do, in order to connect with humanity, in order to understand the programming then its both essential and easier if the vast space has been charted.
When connecting with her and sharing her space you will soon feel the depths of her compassion and the power of her light guiding you out of those frequencies that she knows only too well the dis-ease and distortions experienced.

Something you will sense quite quickly is her authenticity as each key she births into reality is taken through the 3 step process she teaches, this means that before sharing the data she receives is fully experienced within her field, stabilised and expanded upon before its created into a Light Key and shared.

Andrea sees the website as a temple in which she can share the keys and gems along the path of light, a space where the wisdom coming through her can be housed and always found by those seeking the same truth.

Her passion for energy and teaching those wanting to remember the language of light shines through the detailed reports that she lovingly spends her time preparing, and whilst at first these may appear confusing you will find that there is a burning desire inside to continue to follow and learn about the light she shares, it doesn’t take long before you realise the confusion is the resistance held to light, as time passes it becomes apparent that the complexity existed within the programs held and as these release everyone finds that Andrea’s keys are actually incredibly simple.

The creation of The Alignment Program is exactly for this purpose, it is the space in which she shares all Light Keys and provides support for those requiring assistance in releasing the confusion so to see just how simple the laws of light are, simple is one view, intricate is another and it has been shown to Andrea through her teaching over the years that it is essential to have the support whilst integrating the keys.

Andrea holds the most incredible mirror consciousness and without judgement has the ability to reflect, highlight and shine out the most subtle of programs held in those she shares with and then lovingly opens up views of opportunities and vibrational shifts, using the energy in the moment to support you whilst you process the activation.

One thing that is most evident in Andrea is her love for making the unconscious conscious and her dedication to her path is incredibly infectious, it is really no wonder that our soul guides us to KeyHolders, if nothing else it is to experience the frequency of the field, the template and for those who choose to Align and Surf then the connection becomes family and the speed of the experience gets incredibly fast.

Andrea sees a world of peace and the All living as One in harmony, her mission is to assist the evolutionary generation into the Age of Aquarius, guiding those who resonate with these keys through their phases of awakening and teaching the forgotten codes of unity consciousness to those ready to take the path of The Initiate - The Alignment.